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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The disease called perfection

Dan from "Single Dad Laughing" Recently posted a great article. He encouraged us to share it and I thought it was definitely worth of it. It is long, but definitely worth the read. I have posted an excerpt here, but I highly encourage you to go read the whole thing!

Here is an excerpt. To read the whole thing, click the button above or the link at the end of the post.

"I wonder. Am I the only one aware that there is an infectious mental disease laying siege on us right now? There is a serious pandemic of "Perfection" spreading, and it needs to stop. Hear me out because this is something for which I am passionately and constantly hurting. It's a sickness that I've been trying to put into words for years without much success. It's a sickness that I have personally struggled with. It's a sickness that at times has left me hiding in dark corners and hating myself.

And chances are it's hit you too.

What is the disease called "Perfection"? Perhaps a list of its real-life symptoms will help you better understand it. We live in communities where people feel unconquerable amounts of pressure to always appear perfectly happy, perfectly functional, and perfectly figured. "Perfection" is much different than perfectionism. The following examples of "Perfection" are all real examples that I have collected from experiences in my own life, from confidential sources, or from my circle of loved ones and friends. If you actually stop to think about some of these, you will cry as I did while writing it. If you don't, maybe you're infected with way too much of this "Perfection" infection..."

To read the rest of the article, Click Here.

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