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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cloth Diaper Brand Comparison

So, you have started to consider cloth diapering. People have many reasons for using cloth, whether it is because of budget reasons, a concern for the environment, or simply because you believe it’s better for your baby. But now you have to figure out what kind of diapers to use, and what brands. There are so many out there that it can get quite overwhelming!

My personal preference is a pocket diaper, which consists of a waterproof outer shell with an inner fleece or suede cloth inner lining. Inserts (usually microfiber) are placed between the layers allowing for a customizable level of absorbency. Unlike All-in-ones, where the insert is sewn in, the inserts are removable which allows for quicker drying.

The first diaper, and my personal favorite, is the Fuzzibunz. Fuzzibunz are a one size diaper, meaning that you will only have to buy one size from birth to potty training. They fit babies from 7 lbs. to 35 lbs. I think they are the most adjustable one size diaper. They use an elastic and button system in the legs and waist, rather than a snap down like most others. The leg casings adjust to 8+ settings and the waist adjusts to 4+ settings. Fuzzibunz have a snap closure, with both waist and wing snaps to further ensure a great fit. I love the wing snaps, because I never get the problem of “wing droop” even though my son is all over the place!

My son is a bit tall and thin, and these diapers are great fitting. I love that I can adjust everything separately to make sure they fit. Fuzzibunz come with 2 inserts also. One that is the perfect size for small babies, and one that is larger. Now that my son is a little bigger, I use both overnight, and the absorbency is great! I don’t think I have ever had a leak with the Fuzzibunz. The average price for the Fuzzibunz diaper is between $18-20. This is about the high middle range for this kind of diaper, and I think the value for these is great. They are very durable and I believe they will last through several babies.

Note: BG just released a new version, 4.0. This comparison is based on the 3.0. BumGenius are a one-size diaper as well. They fit 8-35 lbs, and are available in aplix (Velcro) (the 4.0 is available in snaps.) The BG uses a snap down rise sizing system with 3 different rise settings.

These fit well, and have stretchy side tabs which help get a good fit without being too tight. They come with an adjustable insert and a doubler. The insert holds quite a bit, and I have not had any problems with leaking.

The 3.0 are no longer available new, but you can get them used. The new 4.0 are priced about $18-19, making these ones in the high middle of the range as well. The value on these is good, and they will definitely last through more than one baby.

Thirsties Duo Diaper
This is another one of my preferred diapers. The Thirsties duo diaper Is a two size diapering system. Size one fits 6-18 lbs, and size two fits 18-40 lbs. These diapers combined have the widest range of fit that I know of. They also use the snap down rise sizing system, and are available in aplix.

The fit on these is great. My son, at 21lbs is still in the small setting on the size 2, and I have never had any problems with leaking. One thing I love about these diapers is the leg gussets. It is one of the only diapers that has them, and they do a great job of keeping everything in the diaper. They have a combination microfiber terry & hemp insert for optimal absorption. These do absorb a lot! The two snap together to make it easy to insert, yet help them to try quicker. I frequently use this diaper for overnight, with the Thristies fab doubler, and I have never had any leaks.

The average price for the Thirsties duo diaper is between $18-20 as well, making this another high middle of the range diaper. They are definitely a good value, and I see no problem with these lasting through several children.

The Tweedlebugs diaper is a one-size diaper that fits babies approximately 7-35 lbs. Tweedlebugs uses a three row snap down system, and has a snap closure.

The insert on these is almost the same as the one BG uses. It is adjustable with a snap, and is nice and thick. It also comes with a doubler. This diaper has a front and back pocket opening to make removing the dirty insert even easier.

These fit well, too, and have great absorbency! I have not used these overnight, but I am pretty confident that with an extra insert or doubler these would work great. The price on these diapers is $12.95, making it on the lower end of the range. These diapers are a great value for the money, and I can see them lasting through more than one child.

Knickernappies has two types of diapers. A one-size diaper that is new, and a 2g pocket diaper. I have a 2g diaper, but have heard great things about the one-size. The one size fits babies approximately 8-40lbs, with four snap down size adjustments. The 2g has three sizes; small which fits 5-15lbs, medium that fits 15-28+ lbs and large that fits 25-35+ lbs. I have a medium, and my son is still on the second to smallest waist snap at 21 lbs. I am sure it will fit him for a while!

Both types of the Knickernappies have a side snapping waist closure. The insert that comes with these diapers is one of the top-rated inserts. The LoopyDo insert is made of 2 layers of hemp french terry plus 2 layers white microfiber. They are sewn together on the ends, but not in the middle, helping them dry faster.

I have used this diaper overnight with an extra doubler with lots of success. The Knickernappies one-size diaper costs $25 with a LoopyDo insert, and $20 with a microfiber insert. The 2g costs $16 with no insert, and the LoopyDo inserts are $7.50. This puts these diapers at the higher end of the range. I think the value for these is good. The one size would probably be the best value since you only need one size. I can see them lasting a long time. I really love this diaper, but the price keeps me from buying more.

Kawaii Baby Diapers
The Kawaii diapers I have are the one-size Heavy Duty AIO Diaper. These diapers have a 3 setting snap down rise that will fit babies approximately 8-36 lbs. They are available in the aplix closure.

These diapers come with 2 large microfiber inserts. These inserts are very absorbent. The fit is great as well. I rarely have problems with leaking with these diapers, and when I do, it is usually just user error. These were the first diapers I got, and I have used them for everything. They work well overnight with both inserts, and absorb a lot.

The price for these diapers is only $6.75 each, but on the site it seems you have to buy a minimum of 10. But still, 10 diapers for $67.50 with free shipping? Definitely a great deal! I have been using mine for 7 months now, and they are holding up very well. I can see them lasting through at least one more kid, even though the quality may not be as high as the ones above. The value for these diapers is definitely good, and if you are on a tight budget like I was, these are perfect.

There are many more types and brands of diapers out there, and it can get overwhelming. Sometimes you think you are getting a great deal on some cheap diapers on ebay only to get them and realize that you definitely got what you paid for. That happened to me, and that is why I think it is a very good idea to do your research. Diaper Swappers is a great resource as well.


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