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Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Blankie Review!

I love companies that give back. If I could, I would support every company that helps others in need.

That is one reason I was really happy to be able to do a review for Happy Blankie.

About Happy Blankie

When Davis Holdridge was just 7 years old, he had a really good idea. He wanted to combine his little sister's two favorite things, stuffed animals and blankies, to create something that would make the world smile.
David's idea inspired the whole family, and soon, Happy Blankie was born. The first creation was Giggle the happy pig, an adorable animal faced piggy blanket with a huge cheek to cheek snile. Soon after, Giggle was surrounded by her favorite friends: Stomp the happy frog, Tumble the happy bear, and Chase the happy dog.
DAvid Knew his Idea was great because when anyone saw (or felt) a happy blankie, they had a smile a mile wide. Then his mom Emily had a second great idea - give a blankie away to a child in need for every one they sold, and let kids choose where they wanted it to go. Thus, ONE to love, ONE to Give because the core philosophy of Happy Blankie. So now David and his family are making people happy two blankies at a time!

These blankets are so cute! And they are amazingly soft! Happy Blankie sent me a small Stomp blanket. Jack is not a blankie baby, but he played with this the whole day after we got it. He carried it all over. I even want to sleep with it!

Want to get one for someone special in your life? Head over to Happy Blankie and check them out!

You can use code HB20 at checkout to get 20% off!

I was not paid for this review. I received a product for free to review. This is my true and honest opinion.

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