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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I need Help!

Jack is teething. He finally cut his second tooth yesterday, and since yesterday he has had bad diarrhea and has a really bad rash on his bum. like red blistered burn rash. He screams when I try and wipe it.

Does anyone have any ideas or anything they know to help with this? I feel bad because I know it hurts him so much!

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Aubrey said...

After dealing with one rash after the next, we started just using water on our son. We spray him off with a squirt bottle, let him air dry, and put something soothing on it. When we used sposies we put Bag Balm on him, and it worked wonders! Now we use a little Grandma El's when we need something and it is great! Try to give him as much 'air time' as possible! And of course change him as often as possible. Good luck mama!

simplymerry said...

give him an oatmeal bath and then let him be naked for a bit (still in the tub with it dry and full of toys if you don't want him around the house naked), then put on some soothing diaper ointment if you have any. if none, try olive oil, whipped egg whites, or breastmilk.

bekah said...

well, glad you asked b/c i have several thoughts! :D
first, i agree with the above on a bath. whenever my girls have diarrhea, i tend to put them in the bath between EVERY diaper change for at least a few mins. even just warm water (never tried an oatmeal bath, i'll have to do that). and we use Triple Paste diaper cream or aquaphor.
secondly, how long has the diarrhea been going on? i've HEARD of kids getting it while teething, but have never experienced it first hand, nor have any of my friends here. so i don't know if that could be what's causing it. however, my girls have allergies (as you know). all of which, the symptom was diarrhea. has he had any new foods lately? dairy, wheat (gluten), corn and soy are common ones. just something to check on.
finally, if it's bad like you're saying, and has been going on for a few days, deff take him to his pediatrician. it never hurts.
hope feels better! i know it's miserable :(

Jessica Warrick said...

i completely agree with the above mentioned options. those are all great options and give him some tylenol for the fever that is coming out in his poo. that is why he has the rash.

Ali said...

Air it out! Give his bottom lots of air. Keep him out of diapers for as long as you can. The longer the area has to be exposed to fresh air, the better. When changing him, try rinsing the area in the sink with just warm water. Thoroughly let the area dry before putting another diaper on. When you do diaper, protect the area from urine with a barrier. Plain old vaseline works great. Make sure to protect your diaper by putting a wipe (or fleece liner would be even better) in there to keep any vaseline from ruining the diapers. (wash the wipe separately from the diapers)

Poor baby! Hang in there!

mom2boys said...

Like the others have already mentioned Let it air out! That's the best thing you can do for it. And I use Grandma El's rash cream with my cloth diapers now. It has helped with all our rashes. It's heart breaking when they get rashes that bad, I have been through it many times before. I had to take baby girl to the Ped. last time in got that bad. :(

Erica said...

In the NICU, baths and open to air are our standbys. The trick with the bathing/wiping thing is that his bottom has to be completely dry before putting paste on and/or sealing him back up in the diaper.

Good luck, hope he feels better soon!

Shana said...

Our pedi says to make a half and half mixture of Maalox and Aquaphor. The Maalox stops the acidic poo from burning and the aquaphor coats and heals. Works like a charm.

Shana said...

By the way, that mixture is what we used when Blaze got rotavirus and went through 80 diapers in 3 days so it really works. just put it on every change.