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Friday, April 9, 2010

Vote for Jack (and earn extra giveaway entries!)

Ok, I'm gonna ask you to do me a favor again! Go vote for Jack in the Philly Diaper service Photo contest! He is neck and neck with one other baby!

Click Here

To Vote, there is a drop down menu on the right side... he is #11.

After you vote, come back here telling me how many votes he has, and you will earn 2 extra entries into my giveaways (current and coming up!) Just make sure you comment on the specific giveaways "I voted for Jack #1, etc) This is good for all giveaways for the month of April... and I have some good ones coming up!


Don't forget to check out my Spring Fling Giveaway Event!


Nanee Plainy said...

Done!!!! I love that picture of him!

Anonymous said...

He has 64 votes =)

Anonymous said...

So it must go by IP address cause I voted for him on my comp then tried to vote on moms and it wouldnt let me do it again =/ Oh well he was 111. Love ya