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Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm a winner!

So, I have been entering a lot of blog contests lately, and I have been blessed enough to win serveral! So, I just wanted to share my winnings from the past 2 months!

An IsaBelt from Mass Hole Mommy.
A GC to Snuggy Baby from Coupon Mommy of 3.
Lucky Leaf Cherry Pie Filling Giveaway at Whats cooking at DD.
K&K Chubby Cheeks Diaper from Luvs Jurn3.
A diaper, nursing pads and Necklace from AwLiKids.
Triaminic Gift Pack from Frugal Living and Having Fun.

Has anyone else been having good luck lately? =)


Shana said...

I won 2 Carolina Pad giveaways, a Lisa Leonard Designs $50 gc and something else but I can't Come and enter my giveaways too and maybe you will win more. Maybe you already did enter...

Jessie said...

Oh wow! You've won a lot more than me! I did win a Crunchy Clean Detergent package, a Snack Taxi, and a Nifty Nappy Gift Certificate though so not too shabby ;)

Although I've only received one of the items that I won so far ;)