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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thoughts from a new Dad....

Isn't it weird how you can just meet someone and your already singing praises about what they can or cannot do? Jack has only been here for 7 months. As a new dad I'm looking backwards and forwards at the same time. Backwards, wondering what life would be like with out Jack in my life and just being married to Katrina. And forwards, thinking and planning all the father-son things Jack and I can do one day. Besides my wedding day, Jack's birthday is the single biggest accomplishments in my life. I use accomplishment because in this day and age a lot of fathers are 'manning-up' and not sticking around to support their kids.

Knowing that I'm going to mess up and have messed up as a dad (in my charge Jack hit his head on the floor pretty hard twice today), yet every time, every single time I look at Jack I'm greeted with the biggest smile ever. Goes straight to my heart. I could have just walked through the door after a crappy 9 hour day at work where nothing went right and I see that face and it just doesn't matter. Well his and Katrina's face. I know that he and I will bump heads maybe even go fist to cuffs (as is the Welch way....) but no matter what the love and respect will be there on both our parts.

I love my little family with all my heart. I know see how my Dad dealt with working his butt off to provide for my family growing up (sometimes working 14 hrs a day!). I would do any thing for my family if it meant their protection and safety.

I'm also humbled at the experience. Having the responsibility of raising my boy and trying to guide him to be a good natured young man who himself is responsible and respected it no short order. I'm so blessed to have Katrina as my partner in this long road ahead of us. She always knows just what to say or do to calm me down when Jack is freaking out (most of the time it's me freaking out).

Sorry that this was so random. I just wanted to share what was on my mind and thought you all would appreciate hearing a new Dad's thoughts. Thanks for listening. Goodnight.

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