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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Parents, I need your advice!

So lately I have been putting Jack down for naps, and letting him cry himself to sleep...
It is rough! We are a week in so far...

His average crying time is about 45 minutes. He had one day where he was so tired he only cried for about 20 minutes, but one day he cried for an hour and a half before we finally went in and got him.
I go in about every 10 minutes and try and soothe him, rub his head, give him his pacifier, and try and get him to calm down.

Does anyone have any tips? It seems to not be getting any better... most people say it only takes like 4-5 days before their baby is sleeping better. We are already at a week!

I know some people don't agree with the Cry it out method, and I don't want any criticism, please. My parents used this method with me, and I turned out fine. =) I am just looking for any tips or advice anyone may have!



Erica said...

I'd suggest not going in and trying to soothe him. It works while you're there, but makes it worse once you've left again. That yo-yo isn't all that condusive to sleep.

Sweetbabs said...

He may just not be ready yet. Plain and simple. I know that they say babies are able to self sooth at 3 months but some aren't. Just use your instinct. It only took my little on two days to get it but that was when she was a year old. We had massive reflux problems that made it impossible to do the cry it out method before. (She would just cry all night and eventually make her self vomit.) I would say go back to the way you use to do things and try again in a few weeks.

Kate said...

This is so hard! I'm so sorry you are having a hard time with it. I would agree with Erica. Some babies do well when you go in every 10 minutes or so, but it always made it worse for Savannah. I would suggest trying it next time without going in - but prepare yourself because it's even harder to hear him cry for that amount of time when you can't go give him a snuggle! Good luck, he will get it soon and you will be thankful for all your hard work!

Inga said...

I believe it is very hard to do that way, but from my experience i believe that he will learn himself when the time will come. Also, from other hand, it is very hard to have sweet nice dreams after such crying and 10days it is realy long time. I have tried several times, but than i decided, why to do it this negative - of course it takes energy from me, but later, when boy was 2 years old he just came and said "momy i am big enought to sleep alone". and that was it! just depends from attitude and time you would like to share :)
Anyway good luck and best for you all!