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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Traveling with a baby....

Can be so unpredictable! We drove up to Redding this weekend to visit some friends, and it was definitely an interesting drive!
It is a 4 hour drive normally. Going up, the trip was uneventful, and we only stopped twice. Jack did great, and only got really fussy once, so we stopped, changed his diaper, cuddled him for a minute, then put him back in his seat and he fell asleep.
Coming home was a whole other story. It took us over 5 1/2 hours! The first half of the drive, he did great! Played with his little carseat toy for about half an hour, then conked out and slept until we got to Susanville (about halfway.) We stopped to get food and use the bathroom, then got back on the road. 5 minutes later, he was screaming. We pulled into a pizza place parking lot, and took him out, changed him, and tried putting him back in his seat to eat while we drove. He was having none of it! We ended up sitting there for 20 minutes while I fed him, and then he finally went back in his seat. He did fine for another hour or so, then decided he wanted out again. He cried for a good 20 miles... finally started screaming. We barely made it to Reno, so we stopped at a walmart and walked around and I carried him until he fell asleep. Then we got back into the car, and he slept for the rest of the way (30 miles or so)
Boy was the drive home stressful! He does not like driving when it is dark and he can't see anything. That makes it harder. I ended up driving for about an hour with the light on in the car.
But, we made it home! Now back to the routine! =)

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mary said...

Driving with little ones always takes a lot of patience.

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