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Saturday, September 5, 2009


Tis the season for visitors!

This week has been full of visitors! My mom and grandma came up monday and stayed until wednesday, then my sister came up wednesday and stayed through today, our friends Seth and Heather got her yesterday and are staying until tomorrow, and then our friend Sarah is most likely coming next wednesday through friday. Whew!
Today we went and scoped out some garage sales this morning... Josh found some Veggie Tales Dvd's. (That's all we found) Then we went to lunch, and then did some shopping at Borders (yay for borders bucks!) Ross (where I fed Jack in the fitting rooms, haha... not comfy!) and Target (got ready made enfamil formula for $.24 a can (yay for manufacturer rebate checks and the clearance racks!)
Tomorrow we will probably just hang out and relax, and same for Monday. It will be nice to have a day to just hang out with Josh off work and stuff.
Net weekend is the great Reno Balloon Races (Holly, are you going to be there?) We are planning on getting there at 5am for the glow show, and hanging out for a few hours and checking out all the balloons. Should be fun (and it's free!)

On another note, I am really praying I get the money for my maternity leave soon. We are seriously broke... Living paycheck to paycheck, and barely making ends meet sucks! Thank God for my wonderful mom and grandma who bought us groceries this week. =) We had a near empty freezer and pantry. I have gone 6 weeks without pay now... this is ridiculous! Don't they realize that women on maternity leave have new babies, and need the extra money for diapers and formula! It is frustrating. At least I know I get paid for these past 6 weeks... just don't know when I will get a check! Hopefully it's soon...

Well, It's late... I am just waiting for Jack to fall asleep so I can go to sleep... Hope you all have a great rest of the holiday weekend! =)

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Holly Marie said...

yay for coupons and mom's and grandma's!

my mom, tom, and josh are going this weekend. i am trying to talk my husband into going (it's so hard to get him out of the house sometimes.)

if we end up going i will let you know!