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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jack - 1 month old

I can't believe it has already been a month! In some ways it feels like it, but for the most part it doesn't. =)
Things are going pretty good. we are supplementing with formula, and he has been pooping regularly now, rather than once a week, so that is a good sign, I hope! I think we have figured out that it is a problem with my milk supply. I am going to call my dr. tomorrow to have her order a thyroid test for me, because that can be a cause, and I have had my suspicions for the past couple years that I might have an underactive thyroid. If that isn't the problem, then I am not sure what it could be.
I will be taking him in Wednesday for a weight check, so hopefully he will have put on weight...
Anyways, here is a video of him from last night... He was awake and very alert, and looking around. =)


Daiquiri said...

Awww, what a sweetie!

Just FYI - two of my 4 kids were just occasional poopers too. Sometimes it would go out to 10 days! We did the PediaLax thing when it seemed they were getting uncomfortable.

Of course, it could be a milk supply thing. I'm sure you're drinking tons of water? With me, I was pretty sure it wasn't my supply since they were peeing regularly and were gaining lots of weight (and otherwise seemed satisfied after a feeding). The laxative thing worked well for us, and they eventually outgrew it.

It was such an experience for us, that I even wrote an eHow article about it! Here it is if you're interested:


Anonymous said...

i can't see the video =( says its private.