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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No clever title

Ugh, I am so over working now. I wish I could go into labor now so that I could leave work. haha. Ok, maybe not, but I wish I didn't have to work! I am just uncomfortable, and irritable, and I work with the wrong people and in the wrong environment to have that attitude. One lady in particular... the one who I have mentioned before who treats me like I don't know anything, and is bossy. I hate bossy people.

Anyways, In better news, Josh talked to the people about that job in California, and he has a face to face 2nd interview on Friday! Yay!!! I really really hope this is God's will and he gets the job and it pays great!

I have been having more contractions lately... I think they are probably just braxton hicks, and they usually come at the end of the day after having been on my feet all day, or after I stand up after sitting for a while. They are annoying and uncomfortable, but if they are bringing me closer to having this baby, then I'm all for em'! Next week is when they start the cervical checks, so I am interested to see if these contractions are doing anything or not. *fingers crossed* hehe.
Oh, and my Dr.'s office called me back today, and the ultrasound looked normal and everything looks good! Just like I thought! She keeps getting worried about how much I am growing (although I still hardly look pregnant, just more overweight, haha) But I think I am just carrying all in front. =)

well, I am off for now, hope everyone is having a good week!


Holly Marie said...

i think you look pregnant! you are way too critical on yourself!!! and i agree with you that you're carrying all in front (having sneaking suspicions that it's a girl but we'll just have to see)

Holly Marie said...

i meant to say i think you're having a boy... (i am mixing up my "old wives tales)

although. it doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl because you and josh are going to be the most awesomest parents ever!!! and the baby is going to be super LOVED!!!!!

VanderbiltWife said...

I was about 36-37 weeks when I nearly cried and begged my doctor to put me on half days at work. It was SO worth it. I was in so much pain and to be able to come home in the afternoons, lay on the couch, and watch Netflix movies was so nice and probably so very good for me.

Good luck making it through the next few weeks!