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Saturday, May 2, 2009

The past week...

The past week has been a busy one! I worked every day but wednesday, which was spent getting everything ready for the yard sale.
Last Saturday we went up to my parents property, where I hung out with my mom and Josh helped my dad put up sheet rock on their garage they are building. It was nice and relaxing to hang out in front of a fire and not do much.
Yesterday and today I sat outside all day at our yard sale (I use "our" loosely.... I pretty much did all the work! hehe) But it was worth it, we got rid of a lot of stuff, and made about $400! Then my friend and I took a load of stuff over to goodwill this afternoon, so now our garage is nice and clean, with the exception of a few larger things we want to sell on craigslist.
And, I got a nice coffee table at the neighbors yard sale for $15! =)
Now we are relaxing and getting ready to watch a movie.
Tomorrow we are going to breakfast with my grandma, then coming home to clean, and I HAVE to go grocery shopping, because our freezer is almost empty and we have like no meat left!
So yeah, it was a nice productive weekend, but I am exhausted!

Oh! And two more days until I am 28 weeks pregnant! Third trimester, here we come!

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!


heidi @ ggip said...

You made $400!!!? Woohoo! That is awesome!

I'm so glad it went well for you. Enjoy your Sunday!

Also, I am running a contest at my blog and I would love it if you participated. I'm trying to find a fun way to spread CdLS awareness. Thanks!

Staci said...

$400 at a garage sale is GREAT! You sound like me though, going to another garage sale and buying something.

Once I was in the process of putting a whole living room set (loveseat, sofa and tables) out by the curb and a guy from across the street came over to help. He ended up taking it all into his house and bringing his old stuff outside. I still laugh when I think about it!