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Monday, April 6, 2009

Our weekend...

So this weekend we went to Manteca. We got there around 9 on Friday night, and hung out with my mom and dad.
Saturday I woke up super early (like 5:30am) because I couldn't fall back asleep... So I got up, took ours and my parents dog for a walk (or got pulled along the whole way and ended up with shin splints because of it...) Then went garage sale-ing and found a really nice pack-n-play for $30. Then went to the street fair in Manteca and just walked around (it was still early and some people were still setting up.)
After I got home we went to lunch with some friends, and went to Walmart to buy Josh some slacks, then hung out for a while before my friend Holly's wedding. After the wedding we hung out at my parent's for the evening.
Sunday we went to church, then went shopping with my parents, and they bought us our Stroller/carseat combo. It is the Evenflo Aura travel system. Here is a picture of the pattern:

The picture doesn't show the colors that well, It is a pretty blue and green... a pretty neutral pattern. If we have a girl I will have to add some pink or something, since it is slightly more boy-ish. But it was nice, and was on sale. I will post a real picture next time we go to my parent's house. We had to leave it there for now since we took our car and it wouldn't fit.
I worked all day today, nursing my shin splints.... Tried wrapping them in ace bandages, and using icy-hot. Neither seemed to help much. Unfortunately I can't take ibuprofen, but tylenol has taken the edge off a bit. =)
Hope everyone had a good Monday!


S. said...

cute stroller!

heidi @ ggip said...

That is a really cute stroller!

Rebecca said...

I would love a walking partner!

Holly Marie said...

i was so happy to see you and josh and very happy you were able to make it to the wedding!