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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Today I got up and had breakfast with my Nana, then went to CVS and got a killer deal on diapers with my $5 coupons, then came home, worked on some jewelry for a friends wedding, did some laundry, and did dishes, and made rice crispy treats to take to dinner at our friends house tonight. =)
Josh got home at about 3:30, and we went to the walking trail since the weather is so nice today. It was so neat, we came up on this herd of horses, and they had a little baby foal that looked only a few days old. It was precious! And one of the horses came up close to us, and I wish I had gotten a picture, but Stella was very interested and was standing and looking at the horses, and one of them came up to investigate, and touched noses with her. It was so cute! Here is one picture I took with my camera:

The dark one on the right is the one that came up to us...

well, we are getting ready to go to dinner, I will leave you with this funny "commercial"


Donna~Blessed Nest said...

that is so funny!!! yes I have the problem knowing which is better for me...maybe this is my answer..or not...LOL

heidi @ ggip said...

What pretty horses! I never could decide if the first half or second half of the pregnancy went faster.