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Saturday, March 28, 2009

An accomplished day. =)

Today we got up early and went out to check out the garage sales. The weather today was gorgeous, and there were quite a few garage sales. We didn't end up finding anything except a portable baby swing. That was a great deal... only $3!

Then we came home and cleaned the garage! Haha. We have so much stuff, and we organized stuff, and put everything we want to sell at a yard sale on one side of the garage. We are going to try and have a yard sale on my next weekend off. =)

After that Josh cleaned out the cars while I did the dishes and put some laundry in, unclogged the vacuum again, and cleaned up the house.

Then we hung out a bit, showered and headed to church... Church was good. =) At the end they had us pair off and pray for someone we know is having a hard time. Well, we paired off with another couple, and I mentioned we were having a tough time financially, and they prayed for us, then after the service spent some time talking to us. It was nice, even though I got all emotional... I tend to get emotional when people pray for me, especially when it is something I am struggling with or something. And of course, the hormones don't help! haha.

Now we are relaxing at home watching tv. I have tomorrow off too, so we are going to sleep in then hang out and relax, maybe go for a nice long walk. =)

Hope everyone else is having a good weekend!


S. said...

Sounds nice! I love getting things done. I cleaned the house last night and that felt good.

heidi @ ggip said...

Second hand is a great way to get baby stuff.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Portable swing for $3? SMOKIN deal!