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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bloggy award! And a better day...

So last night I had an emotional melt down. I laid in bed in Josh's arms and just cried. I needed it. It felt good. I love that he just holds me when I am like that. Then he texts me today to see how work is going, and to tell me he loves me and is praying for me. I am so blessed.

Today is going better. The morning was a bit tense, and my boss made a few comments. ( Why can I never please him?) But as the day has gone on, it has gotten a little better. I am on my lunch break right now.
Thanks for all your prayers and kind works, they truly mean a lot. I feel like I have so many good friends, and I wish I could meet you all in person!

On to the award! Mrs. Prep-E Girl gave me an award!

According to the rules...

This award is supposed to be passed on to people who:
inspire you
make you laugh and smile
is a great read
or feels like a kindred spirit!

I will update tonight with my lovely recipients. I am heading back to work now! Thanks Erin!!!


Lindsey said...

I'm so sorry about your day yesterday, praying for you!

Congrats on the award, you deserve it!!!

Becca said...

If your boss is never happy, it has nothing to do with you. Some people are never happy. I have a boss like that but don't tell her I said so.