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Monday, August 25, 2008


I forgot how humid it is in the south. And Hot! Luckily for us, it has been a little cooler than normal, but low 90's with high humidity is still not fun!

We went to The historic Jamestown Settlement today. It was pretty neat. =) They had an Indian settlement, a re-created Jamestown fort, and replica ships that they came over on.
I can't believe how small everything is! The ships alone would have been so crowded! They slept on top of cargo, and the voyage lasted 4 months. The movies show them on these huge ships with tons of deck room, but really? they are like the size of our living room in total 'living space.' crazy!
It was a lot of walking in the sun and heat. So then we came back to the resort and hung out in the pool, which was nice... now we are in the crowded sitting area taking advantage of the only spot on the resort with free wifi and enjoying a jack and coke. ;-)
Tomorrow? Virginia Beach!!! Yay! I will finalyy see the Atlantic ocean!

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