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Monday, June 9, 2008


Well, last week I answered an ad on craigslist for a 42 inch plasma TV for $350. Sound too good to be true? well, aparently it was.
It looks like we got scammed, and it is largely my fault. I didn't know about some key things to watch for.
She was in the UK. Which made me leary at first, but after she sent me a link to a shipping site that confirmed everything, etc, I thought, ok, looks legit.
Wrong. fake website.
After sending this company a wire transfer (BIG NO-NO! I didn't know this) we received a payment confirmation email, but nothing more after. No shipping confirmation.
Today I started getting a little suspicious when we hadn't recieved a shipping notice and it had been all weekend. I check the emails, and none of the links to the company work anymore. "page not found" So I google the company. find the 'legit' site, and enter our tracking/confirmation number. No record found. Then I see a link to a fraud warning. Yeah... fit the description!
So I reported it to the FBI's online fraud department, craigslist, and am trying to report it to western union. I called to see if it had been picked up yet, and it had, unfortunately, otherwise we could have gotten it back.
Hopefully we can get it back... I am just so pissed.

So yeah, if you are buying something online, alwasy thoroughly check it out! Check the websites, and not just links they give you (compare the two) NEVER send a wire transfer unless it is someone you know. And even if it looks legit, always double check. Don't end up like us.


Rosanne said...

Oh Katrina, I am so sorry! Check with your bank...they may offer fraud protection and may cover the amount.

Katrina said...

I don't think so, since it was a wire transfer...

Anonymous said...

UGH! I would be so mad too! I hope you can get your money back.