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Monday, June 2, 2008

Update on the Pharmacy Tech thing...

so I am almost done with my online Pharmacy Tech program... (throughPenn Foster. It is a pretty good program. I have learned a lot. There are 27 lessons total, and I have finished 21. 6 left to go! yay!

I have applied to lots of different pharmacies. Longs, CVS, Walgreens, Safeway, etc. Friday night I applied for a job at Renown Medical Center in Reno. They actually have 3 openings for pharmacy techs. That would be a great job! Aside from having to commute to Reno (although it is south reno, which is better, only about 25 minutes or so) The pay would be better than some other places, and I would get benefits, which is what we need!

The pharmacist from CVS called me right as I finished applying for those jobs at Renown. He doesn't have an opening right now, but we talked for a while, and I think if an opening came available I would probably be high on the list for that job. (doesn't pay great, but it is literally like 1/2 a mile from our house.)

So yeah, I should finish by the end of the week! So pray that I can get a job with benefits! Thanks!

Off to study....

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Cassandra J said...

Interesting. . . I know my brother considered becoming a pharmacist. At least you know it's something that is definitely a marketable skill. Don't forget Carson Tahoe Hospital, urgent care centers, and the hospital in Minden.