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Saturday, April 26, 2008


So, Today We slept in, then I got up, did some dishes, cleaned up a bit and made breakfast.
At about noon, we started organizing the garage. Now, if you have seen our garage, you know this is not a small feat. We started by loading a whole bunch of cardboard into the jeep that has been sitting piled up in the garage since we moved in. I will take it to the recycling center this week. Then we started going through boxes. I managed to get josh to go through a few off all his stuff, mostly toys, before he said he was done and went in the house. Well, then he put together the little smoker/BBQ I bought a month or two ago.
Meanwhile, I stayed out in the garage and got a lot of stuff sorted. We are planning on having a yard sale within the next couple months, so we are boxing stuff up for that. Hopefully we will make some money. Next weekend I would like to finish the garage and tackle the guest room and our bedroom.
Now I am relaxing for a little bit, and I think we will take Stella to the dog park for a little bit later. It is a beautiful day outside.
Then we have church at 6, and our bible study group is meeting for dinner at Chilis. =)
Tommorrow we are finally going snowboarding! yay! We have to use our tickets to Squaw valley before they close for the season. Luckily they got a little snow this week, and yesterday, 12 runs were open. So at least we know it should be pretty decent snowboarding. =)
Well, I am off to go find some food. Until next time!

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