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Monday, April 7, 2008

Exercise is good!

So today after work, Josh ran home, got the dog and my walking clothes (he gets off a half an hour before me) and came back and picked me up amd we went over to the walking trails we found on Saturday (see last post).
We 'briskly' walked the full loop, which is 1.6 miles. It felt so good! The weather was perfect, nice and cool, but sunny, and not cold.
When we were done, I felt so good! I love the feeling after I exercise. I feel good, I feel like I accomplished something. Josh and I decided we are going to walk that path at least 3 times every week. (weather permitting)
So now I just have to work on watching what I eat. I was reading a magazine the other day, and there was a diet in there that I am going to try. It is called the No 'S' Diet... Basically, No Sweets, no snacks and no seconds except on days that start with S. You watch what you eat all week, and on saturdays and sundays you can eat what you want. They say it kind of jump starts your metabolism... It sounds like one I can actually stick with and not feel like I am missing out on 'good food' I just have to wait for the weekend!
So we will see. I really need to lose weight... I am tired of feeling fat. my first goal is to get back to the wedding weight. second goal is to get back to the weight I was at before I moved to TN. That was my lowest weight, and I looked and felt good, and felt good about myself. Not to mention the boxes of clothes I have in the garage for that size that I can't bear to part with. =)
So, Pray for me!!!

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