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Sunday, March 30, 2008


Yesterday, Saturday, Josh and I (and our friends Christy and Scott) went up to my parents property to "help" them build their garage up there. They were framing a wall, and we helped them raise it. It was actually a nice relaxing day, spent reading a good book in front of a huge bonfire. =)
Our dog Stella had a good time there as well. There were so many different smells, and so much to see! My brother and his Fiance brougt their dog too, an energetic boxer/pit bull mix. He is so cute. But him and Stella ran around, rolled around and played. Oh, did I mention that Stella is White, and the dirt up there is red? Yeah...

This is her after we got home.... notice the lovely reddish tint and the black smudges, including the one below her eye, Haha, and the red paws. She was a mess.

So, today, we gave her a bath. She Hates baths. It took both Josh and I. But we managed to get her mostly clean. This is her still mostly wet:

(Yeah, I know she still has a "black eye" She really doesn't like her face wet...)

And here is her nice and clean:

She got a bone today as a treat. She devoured the WHOLE thing. This should have lasted at least a few days. lol.

And this one was just too cute not to post.

I also Got a couple really cute pictures of Maddie, our Cat, and I had to share.

Have a great Monday!

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Tracey said...

Ha! I do not feel sorry for you, not one little bit. Ready for spring, had a bonfire! We don't have bonfires here in the snow and rain, lol! I'm jealous.

Stella is stunning. Good thing City Boy isn't looking over my shoulder at her; he's a sucker for blue eyed Sibereans!