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Monday, March 24, 2008

My Birthday, Easter and the Week ahead...

Well, we had a good weekend. =) Thursday night, BJ Hill Stayed at our place. Check out his website, he is Walking across America... Crazy! =) But it was cool, he is a pretty neat guy. and then Friday, I ran some errands with him, and helped him get some things done. (He took a day off from Walking)
Then Friday Night, we headed to my parents house in Manteca, CA. Saturday was My Birthday, and in the morning, my Dad and Josh changed the oil in our car because I was way overdue. Then my mom and I went shopping. She found a dress for my brother's wedding, and I found nothing. Kind of a bummer. was looking for shoes or a dress. Oh Well. Then Sarah and Sarah came over that night and we hung out and watched a movie.
Sunday we went to Easter service with my whole family, and then came home and hung out at home for most of the day, ate Ham and Potatoes and yummy stuff, then we headed home around 5.
got home about 8:30, watched some tv, then went to bed. fun fun ;-)

So this coming weekend, we are going to try and go meet with an air force recruiter and talk with them about Josh joining, and what we can get out of it, what Josh could do, etc. Then we will go to The Mens Warehouse so Josh can get fitted for his tux for my brother's wedding. We will probably take Stella to the dog park too.

Anyways, if anything exciting happens, I will update!

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