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Friday, March 14, 2008

I hate feeling sick....

So, on tuesday, I woke up with a stuffy nose, sinus pressure and that icky post nasal drip. (I know, gross...) and of course the headache that does with it all... It wasn't too bad, but I just felt icky all day.
Wednesday I woke up feeling like I had the flu. It wasn't too bad when I woke up, and I made myself some oatmeal, and as I was eating it started feeling nauseous. I managed to finish it, but by then I was feeling pretty crappy. I went to work, and the rest of the day managed to eat a pack of saltines. No fun. Got home and sent Josh out to buy a thermometer because I felt a bit Feverish. (Funny... he came back with a thermometer for monitoring ovulation... I gave him crap for that. Luckily it was the same as a normal thermometer. haha) I was in fact running a very slight fever (97.4.. not too bad at all) Basically I just felt like crap.
Yesterday I felt a lot better, just had the runs all day. (again, gross, I know... sorry) And today, I feel a lot better. I am just glad it didn't get any worse. =)

So tonight, we went to Qdoba for dinner... if you haven't been there, GO! It was so good! and not expensive either. ($15 for two HUGE burritos and two sodas.) It is our new favorite place to eat in Carson City. =) I highly recommend it!

Anyways, tommorrow we are taking Stella to the Dog Park in Reno that is fully enclosed, so we can let her off her leash to run. (last time we let her off her leash, she ran! haha.) So that should be fun.

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